Plan Drawings: Overview

Sometimes it's useful to be able to show the location of a 360-degree image using a floorplan or other type of drawing image or document. 
With the Plan Drawings feature you can add another dimension to your 360s, using PDFs or images to give location context to your 360s in Collections and Embeds.
You can add markers for your 360s on the the Plan Viewer Overlay to preview and navigate to different 360s. It works seamlessly with Embed/Share Links, and you can set them to display in Embeds and Collection Embeds:


  • Supports single and multiple-page Plan Drawings
  • Supports images and PDFs (including multi-page PDFs) 
  • Can be added to Embed/Share links for individual 360s and Collections
  • Multiple Plans can be linked to a single Collection or 360 
  • Supports Custom Markers

Plan Drawings are available on all account tiers, with the following limits:

  • Free accounts: 2 Plan Drawings limit
  • Plus accounts: 10 Plan Drawings limit
  • Pro accounts: Unlimited Plan Drawings
  • Business accounts: Unlimited Plan Drawings

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