Managing Plan Drawings

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Managing Uploaded Plan Drawings

To view, edit, and delete uploaded Plan Drawings in your account, click on the Manage Plan Drawings from the Account Page:

The Manage Plan Drawings dialog will display, displaying all the currently uploaded plans on the left:

Editing Plans

You can rename Page Names (Plan Sheet Names) and Plan Names with the Edit Plan action: 

1. Select the Plan and click the Edit Plan button
2. Preview the Plan Drawing (optional) by clicking on the thumbnail image to open the drawing in a new tab
3. Click the "Edit Plan" button

This will take you through the Rename Page and Set Plan Name steps, similar to the Upload Plan Drawings process. Note that changes made will not be saved until you click finish the Set Plan Name step.

Deleting Plans

To delete an uploaded plan, select it and click the "Delete Plan" button.

You will be prompted with a confirmation that also lets you know whether that Plan is linked to any Collections or has any 360s placed on it. 

Unlink a Plan from a Collection if you don't want it displaying within a Collection:

From the Collection Details Page:
1. Click the Plan you want to unlink
2. Click the Unlink Plan button
3. Confirm the action
The Plan will no longer be linked to the Collection and will no longer display.
NOTE: Unlinking a Plan from a Collection does not remove the placement of 360s from that Plan. Any information about a 360's position that has been set on a Plan Drawing is retained; if you re-link the Plan to any Collection that contains a placed 360, it will show up in the correct place on the Plan.
You can also view all the locations where an individual 360 is placed from its Image Details Panel.   
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