Plan Drawings: Using the Plan Viewer

There are a few differences in how the Plan Viewer works in the web app from the Collections Detail page, vs when it is displayed in an Embed/Share Link. 

Using the Plan Viewer In the Web App

When logged in and using the Plan Viewer within Momento360, the hovering over a marker will display the preview panel, which shows the name and a small preview of the target 360 it's linked to:

Clicking on the marker selects it, opening the Marker Detail Panel:

The Marker Detail Panel

The Marker Detail Panel opens when a marker is selected:

1. Open Linked Image: Clicking the thumbnail will open that image's 360 Details Page.
2. Edit: Clicking the edit icon lets you to change the target 360, marker location, and the marker's location.
3. Delete: Clicking the delete icon removes the marker.
4. Next arrow/Previous arrow: Selects the next marker on this Plan Sheet, centering the viewer on that marker.
5. Re-center Viewer: Moves the Plan Viewer so that the selected marker is re-centered on screen.

Plan Viewer Options in Shared Collections

If you are viewing a Collection that has been shared with you on Momento360, the edit and trash options will not be visible due to permission restrictions.

Using the Plan Viewer in the Embed/Share Player

Selecting a Plan and Launching the Plan Viewer

In Embeds/Shares, if there are linked plans and you have set the embed to display linked plans, a Plan Viewer icon will apper in the lower right corner:

Clicking on it will launch the Plan Viewer directly (if there is more than one linked plan), or display the Plan Selector Menu, where you can pick which Plan to view:

Using the Plan Viewer

Once opened, the Plan Viewer works with simpler interactions than in the web application:

A. Select the Page to view (multi-page Plans only)
B. Drag the map to move around
C. Zoom in/out with buttons (or mousewheel /pinch gesture)
D. Hovering over a marker brings up a preview panel with the target 360 name and small preview
Clicking on the marker opens the target 360 and closes the Plan Viewer. 

Individual Embeds (Single 360)

When an individual 360 is viewed in the Embed Viewer, if it has any linked plans (and displaying linked plans is true), they will all display.
When the Plan Viewer is opened, it will display (and highlight) just the location of the 360 on each plan. No other markers will be displayed.

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