Collections FAQ

I set the starting view on the individual 360s but it’s not changing the view in the Collection share link. What’s going on?

In order for the Collection share link to reset the camera to the set starting point between 360s, you need to make sure to tick the reset heading option, or append reset-heading=true to the share URL. See this page for more details.

How do I reorder Collection Items?

From the Collection Details Page, grab the drag handle and move up/down. It can be a little touchy. For faster/easier sorting you can use the Sort dropdown at the top of the Collection Details Page to sort by Title, Uploaded or Created Date.

Can an item be in multiple Collections at once?

Yes. An item can be in as many Collections as you want. 

Can I password-protect a Collection?

Yes, if you are on a paid subscription you can set an access password just like you can on individual 360s. See Subscriptions and Pricing page for details.

Who can see my Collections?

Until you share the Collection explicitly, only you can view them. 

Can I customize the way Collections display? 

Yes, please see this list of customizable options.  

Help, Collections captions don’t seem to change!

The titles within the Collection embeds are pulled from the 360 captions. If you are in edit mode for the title or any of the 360 items, you’ll need to click the green check mark (or hit the Enter key) to save and persist changes. 

What’s the difference between Collections and Folders?

Collections are an easy way to share and embed any number of 360s, and are more like playlists. Folders are designed for organizing 360s, and work more like filesystems in your hard drive. They are related but designed for different purposes.

Does deleting a Collection delete the 360s in a Collection?

No. Deleting a Collection or deleting the items from a Collection only affects the Collection. It’s like a playlist of 360s; it doesn’t affect the underlying 360. 

What happens if I delete a 360 that’s in a Collection?

The 360 disappears from all Collections, since it no longer exists in your account.

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