Customizing the Embed/Share Player via URL

Last updated: Thursday, 1/5/23

The Momento360 embed player can be customized via URL parameters for those comfortable with manipulating the URL. 

You can see examples of what you can do with these parameters here:

Display Modes

The Momento360 embed player can be put into various display modes by attaching the display-mode URL parameter. 

Parameter value description
display-mode mp Forces fullscreen icon to display in small viewports; icon opens the embed a new browser tab when clicked. Designed for adding Momento360 embeds into Matterport Mattertags
mls ( Pro & Business Accounts only) Prevents watermark from displaying, if you've set one. Intended for MLS or other environments where branding is prohibited
clean ( Paid Accounts only) Prevents all controls from displaying (including Collections controls). If you want no controls and just display of the imagery. It does not affect the Plan display button, which is controlled separately.
For Pro & Business accounts, this also hides the logo in the lower left.

clean_logo ( Pro & Business only) Same as clean display mode (above), except logo continues to display.

Simply add &display-mode= to the end of the share URL. 

Other Embed Player parameters

Parameter Values Default Description
size medium or large medium ( Paid Accounts only)  Sets the resolution of the displayed image. medium corresponds to up to 4K (4096 x 2048); large corresponds to up to 8K (8192 x 4096). 
pan-speed float .01 Sets direction and speed of starting camera rotation. Positive values rotate left, negative values rotate right. 0 means no movement
wheel true or false true Enables/disables zoom with scrollwheel. Useful if you are embedding a full width 360 in a website. (you can still zoom with double-click/double-tap) 
titlebar true or false false Sets whether the title bar starts out on or off
hide-cardboard true or false false Shows/hides the Google Cardboard icon
display-plan true or false false Shows/hides the Linked Plans button; if there are no linked Plan Drawings this control is not shown 

Annotations Display parameters

parameter values default Description
a-display true or false true Sets initial Annotations display mode
a-date true or false true Shows/hides creation timestamp in annotation panel 
a-panel-controls true or false true Shows/hides control buttons in the annotations panel
autoplay-annotations true or false
false If true, automatically moves to the next annotation after the duration specified by ap-interval-ann
ap-interval-ann duration in sec
3 If autoplay-annotations is true, waits this number of seconds before moving to the next annotation

Collections Display parameters

parameter values default Description
fade duration in msecs 0 duration of fadeout when transitioning to the next item of a Collection
reset-heading true or false false Resets the camera heading when moving to another item in a Collection. Set this to true if you want the camera to reset to the new 360's starting position when it loads; set it to false if you want to keep the camera position. 

Notice how as you pan around and switch between items, the camera direction doesn't change. This makes it easy for viewers to compare different decor options in place. 
By setting this to true, switching between options now resets your heading to the original starting point.  
autoplay-collection true or false false If true, automatically advances to the next item in a Collection after the duration specified by ap-interval-coll

duration in sec 5 If autoplay-collection is true, waits this number of seconds before advancing to the next item in a collection
open-plan true or false false If true and display-plan is true and there are linked plan drawings, Collection opens the Plan Viewer on load.

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