Sharing, Embedding, and Customizing Collections

Creating Collection Embeds

You can share and embed Collections in the exact same way you share and embed a single 360. The process is exactly the same; simply generate a Share link, select the options that you want, and copy/paste the link. Shares are embeddable in all the same places that single 360 links are.

Collections are the recommended way to embed multiple 360s into a webpage, as it reduces hardware requirements on viewing devices. 

Collection Share Link Options

You can customize how Collections Share Links display, as well as other options. 

Slideshow display mode: You can set the Collection to automatically transition to the next item in your Collection automatically, without any user input. This is useful if you want to autoplay on a webpage, for instance. This can be controlled by ticking the Autoplay-slideshow box. 

Reset heading: If this is ticked, it will reset the camera to the starting point when the user goes to a different 360 in your Collection. In some cases this is what you want (e.g. virtual property tour) and in some cases you don’t want this (e.g. overlaying photos and renderings of the same space). 

Fadeout time: Adding the fade parameter to the URL sets the fadeout time in milliseconds when you transition from one item to the next (see URL parameter list). See for more details.

Password Protection: You can password-protect your Collection link like you can single share links (Paid accounts only). 

Autoplay Annotations: You can set the viewer to zoom between annotations in each item if you have created them.

Include Linked Plans: By default, any linked Plan Drawings will be included, but this can be set to off. 

Setting which image to Open a Collection starts on

Collection links will initially display the first item in the Collection. However, since the URL in the browser updates to track which image is being viewed, you can use this to change which item a Collection link starts by doing the following:

  1. Open the Collection Embed Link
  2. Navigate to the 360 in the Collection you want it to start on
  3. Copy the current address URL in the browser URL bar

This is convenient as sometimes you need to send a Collection to someone but need them to look at a specific item. 

Sharing via QR code

Every embed has a built-in QR code display. Simply hit the ‘q’ key to bring up a QR code that can be scanned by most mobile devices to open the Collection link.

A Note on Collection Embed Links

Collection Embed Links will always be updated to show the current state of the Collection. What this means is that if you reorder, rename, delete the contents of a Collection that’s shared, the next time it’s viewed it will now display any changes you’ve made to it. This means you can update the contents of a Collection dynamically if you wish, but it also means that if you need to keep the state of a collection constant, you may want to create a new Collection instead of edit the existing one.

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