Annotations: FAQ

Why does my Navigation Hotspot display 404 when I click on it?

If you have created a Navigation hotspot linking to another 360, you have to make sure the 360 embed you are linking to is also set to active. 

If the preview thumbnail in the embed shows a broken image/link, it's because the target 360 hasn't been shared:

Fix it by going back into Momento360, finding the target 360, and then clicking the "Create Share Link"

How do I add a link in the Annotation body?

In order to add a link to an annotation, simply add it in the Description field. When it renders you'll see that it automatically is turned into a URL. 

How do I change the Marker shape in an Annotation?

To change an Annotation's contents, including Type, Marker Shape, Description, and Attachments:

  • Select the Annotation 
  • Click the "Edit" button
  • Make your changes
  • Click "Save"

Can I see who created an Annotation?

Yes, you can set your preference as to whether you want to see the email of the annotation author in the panel. This can be set in your Account page, with the "Annotation Email Author" preference:

When set to "Show", you will see the author's email in the annotation detail pane:

Note that author emails do not display on embeds; they only display when a user is logged into Momento360. 

How do I adjust the Annotation Marker placement after I've set it?

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to edit the placement of the marker after it's been created. This is something we intend to add in the future.

For better initial placement, you can zoom in to pick the placement point. For the current set of markers, this is where the marker will display relative to the click point:

Shape Marker Shape Name Placement relative to click position

Square Centered on both sides relative to click position

Pushpin Pinpoint will be placed where the click position is

Dot Dot will be placed where the click position

Can I add another Momento360 embed inside a Momento360 embed?

Yes — it all depends what you want to accomplish. You can either link to another 360 (using navigation hotspot) or have it display as an embedded 360 (using the embed hotspot). 
If you want it to open in the existing window, like this:

These are the steps:

Create an Annotation (right-click or control click) where you want the marker to be, then:
1. Select Hotspot as Annotation Type
2. Select Embed as Hotspot Type
3. Paste your embed code containing the 360 you want to embed. This is the same embed code you create to embed a Momento360 image anywhere else. Pay special attention to the height and width parameters, you may want to adjust those if it is too wide or too short.
4. Set the marker shape to your choice
Save and you should see it render. Here's the link for the above example:
If you want instead for the annotation to navigate the user to a different 360, use the Navigation Hotstpot type. 

Can I Move or Copy Annotations from one 360 to another?

In fact you can! Use our Move/Copy Annotations feature to do this with minimal effort.

Annotations: Known Issues

There are several known issues with the Annotations feature:

  • Limited mobile support: There is currently no way to create an annotation on a mobile device.
  • No text in VR mode: Annotations aren’t interactive in cardboard/VR mode. The marker will display in VR mode, but the text and attachments won't come up. You can hide the marker by turning off annotations marker display
  • Internet Explorer 11: Preview panel doesn't display properly on hover
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