Collections Overview

What’s a Collection?

A Collection is a shareable/embeddable group of 360s, ordered how you want. You can think of a Collection like a playlist in a music app; the same 360 can appear in any number of Collections (unlike Folders, where a 360 can only be in one Folder at a time). The Collections themselves can be embedded, shared, password-protected, etc. just like single 360s are. You can also attach Plan Drawings to them as well.

Some popular uses of Collections 

You can see many examples of how they're used here: Momento360 Examples

Creating Collections

Collections can be created in several ways:

From My Media (Photostream View):

  1. Click Select
  2. Select the items to add to the Collection
  3. Click the “Add to Collection” Button
  4. Select the Collection (or create a new one) 
  5. This should then take you to the Collection (or present you with the option to view it)

From My Media (Folders View)

  1. Select the items you’d like to add to a Collection. The “Add to Collection” option will appear on the right menu bar.
  2. To add individual items, you can also select from the dropdown per item. 
  3. If you add a folder, it will add all the folder’s contents to the Collection, as well as prompt you if you want to recursively add all contained items to a Collection.

Adding Individual 360s to a Collection

You can also add individual 360s to a Collection from the 360 Details Page with the Add to Collection button. The button will give you the options of a New Collection, Existing Collection, or the most recently used Collection. 

The 360 Details Page will also display a list of Collections it currently belongs to; a 360 can belong to any number of Collections.

Clicking on the Collection title will take you to that specific Collection Details page. 

Viewing Your Collections

Collections are found under the Collections menu item. Here you’ll find all the Collections you’ve created. You can use the Sort dropdown to sort the Collections by title or the date it was created. Clicking the arrow next to the Sort criteria will reverse the sort order.

To view a Collection, click on the title. This will take you to the Collections Detail Page.

Collections Detail Page

The Collections Detail Page is where you can make adjustments to a Collection (add/edit/reorder/delete), view its contents, set sharing options, Export Annotations.

Viewing the Contents of a Collection: You can view each 360’s Details Page by clicking on the thumbnail. From this view the Next/Previous buttons will navigate you to the next Collection Item. 

Re-ordering Items in a Collection

You can re-order items in a Collection in several ways:

Drag individual items: You can reorder Collection items by dragging the the item on the right side. This can be a little finicky sometimes.

Use the Sort buttons: You can also sort by upload/create time, or by title. 

If you want to reverse the order, click/tap the arrow next to the title to option. The arrow will flip directions.

Linking a Plan Drawing

You can link a Plan Drawing to add floorplans or other drawings to the Collection, which also enables you to include that plan in embeds/shares. Click the button to link/add a Plan Drawing. For more details on Plan Drawings, visit the Plan Drawings Getting Started article.

Exporting Collection Links

You can also export a CSV list of share links for this Collection. Visit the Bulk Export Collection Links article for details.

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