Plan Drawings FAQ / Troubleshooting

(Embed Player) When viewing the floor plan I only see the marker of the current 360 and not all the markers I placed. Where did the rest of them go?

To show all the 360s check that you are sharing the you Collection that has all the items in it, not just the single image (which will only show the pin for that image).

For example, this is a Collection link's Plan Viewer:

while this is the link to just the first image on its own:

In an embed/share link, the Plan Viewer Overlay will only display the location of its own items — so for a single 360 it will only show the location of a 360, and for a Collection, it will display the location of only the items in that Collection. This lets you use multiple Collections to create different combinations of images on a single Plan without requiring you to re-do marker placement step. 

Why do my imported PDF Plan Drawings look so low resolution?

If your Plan Drawings aren't high enough resolution, re-upload the file but set the import resolution to a higher setting. See here for more details

Can you change the location of a 360 from a Plan from the 360 Details page?

No. To change the placement of a 360 on a Plan you will need to edit its placement by editing its location via a linked Collection (find any Collection with the 360 and the Plan, open the Plan Viewer, find the 360 marker and enter Edit mode). 
How do I adjust a marker's location?
Edit the marker by viewing the Plan from the Collection Details page, selecting the marker, and then clicking the Edit button. See details here.
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