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Can I use my own icons in annotations?

Yes, now you can, with our Custom Annotation Markers feature. See details here.

“How do I remove the time/date in an annotation?”

You can customize the display and behavior on embed/share links with parameters set on the URL. The full list of options is here:

In this case, you want to use the a-date parameter. From the link:

parameter values default Description
a-date true or false true Shows/hides creation timestamp in annotation panel 

Basically that means you add a-date=false to the end of your embed url. For instance:

displays the date/time. Now if we add that parameter to the end (make sure to separate it from the other parameters with an & ):

You can mix/match however you want, for instance if we add the parameter to hide the prev/next/center controls (a-panel-controls):

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