Embed/Share Links FAQ

What is an Embed/Share Link?

You can create links to individual 360s or Collections of 360s with the Share Link feature. The links can be opened on their own or can be embedded inside other websites or documents.  

Is there a limit to the number of links I can have active at a time?

Users on Free accounts are limited to 100 active links at a time. Users on paid accounts can have an unlimited number of active links. 

Does a Collection Share Link count as a single link?

Yes, a Collection Share Link counts as a single link even if it has many 360s in it. 

If I generate links with different parameters to the same shared 360, do those count as separate links? 

No, active links are counted by the underlying 360 or Collection; you can have dozens of different permutations on the links and it will only count as one.  

How can I reduce the number of active links?

You can disable an active link by going into the Share Dialog and clicking the "Disable Link" button.

Clicking through each 360 and activating a link one at a time is a pain — is there a faster way?

Yes there is! Please check out our Bulk Activation feature.

Can I export a list of my active links in a CSV for use elsewhere?

Yes, check out the Bulk Link Export feature.    

Can I export GPS and location data with the share link for use elsewhere?

Yes! Check out the Bulk Link Export feature.

Will Plan Drawings show up in the Embed/Share Links?

Yes, if you have set it to display (when you generate the link it will display by default). For more information on this, click here: https://help.momento360.com/article/128-adding-plan-drawings-to-embed-share-links

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