Bulk Actions: Overview

(Note: Bulk Action features are available only on Professional subscriptions)

Bulk Actions enable users to handle larger volumes of files much more easily. These features enable users to generate large numbers of share/embed links and import them into downstream applications much faster, where generating and copying them for individual items would be too laborious, error-prone, and time consuming.

There are currently three bulk actions:

See the individual sections for more details.

Bulk Activate Share Links

In the past, enabling a share link required multiple steps for each 360; this becomes tedious if you have a lot of items.  

Bulk activation enables you to select a folder (or any number of 360s and folders), and then activate the links for all the items at once. 

Here's how:

From Folders View:

1. Select the Folders (or the items) you want to set to active (You can choose whether to set containing Folder contents to active in a later step).

2. Click the "Activate Share Links" action. It will bring up a confirmation dialog:

3. If your Folders contain other Folders, you can choose whether you want to activate share links for all the containing items or not. Then click the "Activate Links" button. You'll get a confirmation when it completes:

All the items should now have active share links. Now, if you want to use these elsewhere, move on to the Bulk Export function .

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