Hotspot Annotations: Creating and Editing

Creating Hotspot Annotations

Hotspot Annotations are created the same way Standard Annotations are created. Right-click (or control-click) where you want to place the annotation marker. This will bring up the Create Annotation dialog.

In the Create Annotation form, select “Hotspot” from the Type dropdown. This changes the form and will display a Hotspot Type dropdown. The form will change depending on the Hotspot Type you select; each type has different requirements. (Click here for details on specific types.)

If you want to change the Annotation Marker, you can change that.  

Click Save. When it completes, it will immediately display.

Editing Hotspot Annotations

To edit a Hotspot, select it and then click the edit button to enter Edit Mode. The Annotation creation dialog will appear in the upper left of the screen. Note that changes are only saved when you click “Save.” Clicking "Cancel" abandons all changes.

Deleting Hotspot Annotations

To delete a Hotspot Annotation, select the Annotation and then click the Delete icon. 

Note: Any attachments associated with the annotation will be lost. 

Converting between Annotation Types

You can easily switch between existing Standard and Hotspot Annotations. 

Converting from Standard to Hotspot 

To convert from a Standard to Hotspot annotation, select the Annotation and enter Edit Mode. 

In the Type dropdown, select Hotspot. The form will then prompt you to select the Hotspot type. The existing Title and Description fields will be converted to the appropriate fields, and attachments (if they are of the correct type) will be retained. Click Save and the annotation will render as a Hotspot Annotation.

Converting from Hotspot to Standard Annotations

To convert from a Hotspot back to a Standard Annotation, select the Hotspot, and then click the Edit button to enter Annotation Edit Mode. 

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