Sharing: Permissions FAQ

Note: This applies only to Sharing on Momento360. For embed/link sharing, please see:
Can I share with more than one user?
Yes. You can share on Momento360 with multiple users; you will just need to go through the share flow multiple times (we will add multiple recipients in the future).
Can I share more than one item at a time?
Yes. You can have multiple items selected at once and share them all at once. Sharing can be done either from Photostream or Folders view, from the My Media view.
Can I share a folder with another user?
Yes. You can share a folder with another user; that user will have all the permissions on that folder and any items, including contained folders. Note, however, that only the folder itself will show as being shared with another user in the Image Details panel. 
Can a user I’ve shared an item with share it with another user?
No. Only the item owner can manage who it’s shared with.
Can a user I’ve shared an item with generate an embed link to a shared item?
No. Only the item owner can activate/deactivate the share/embed link.
Can I unshare an item with a user?
Yes. You can select the “Remove Access” option if you want to at any time. 
Does the person I want to share the items with need to have a Momento360 account? 

For permission-controlled sharing as is being discussed here, all users must have accounts. If an account with the email address you specify does not already exist, Momento360 will send an invitation email to that address and when they register, the shared item will be shared with them.

Can a user I share an image with use my Custom Annotation Markers when creating Annotations?

Yes. Users that you allow to create Annotations will be able to use any Custom Markers that you have created. 

If the image or Collection I share has a linked Drawing Plan will the recipient be able to view the Plan(s)?

Yes. Users that can view the Image or Collection will be able to view any Plan Drawings linked from the Collection. They will also be able to view linked Plan Drawings from each individual 360s via the 360's Image Details panel. If the recipient can view a 360, they will also be able to view any Plan Drawing that you have placed that 360 on. 

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