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Who can see my 360s?

By default, everything is set to private — only you can see anything you upload. 

You can make things visible to other people to view in two ways:

1. Generate a share link: This is the quickest and easiest method; it generates a link that you can send to anyone. You can use it to link from a document, or display on your own website. The only people that can see it are those that you send it to (but anyone that has it can view it). You can optionally choose to put password protection on the link to limit access (Paid accounts only).

2. Share with another Momento360 user: This option makes your 360(s) visible to specific users you share with, and are only visible to them when they are logged into Momento360. This works similarly to other collaboration-type applications or applications like Dropbox. You share with specific other people (via email address); these users will need to create a Momento360 account (if they don’t have one already) and when logged in, they will see the items you have shared with them. 

You can also set permissions to allow recipients to Comment, Annotate, Copy or Download the shared 360 depending on your preference. For more details on permission levels, see:

Deleting My Account

If you'd like to delete your account completely, just email us at: with the request from the email address associated with the account, and we can do this for you. 

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