Setting Displayed Image Resolution

Displayed Resolution of Images (last updated Oct. 5, 2020)

Momento360 renders imagery at up to 4K (4096 x 2048) for users on the free account tier and up to 8K (8192 x 4096) for users on paid accounts.

Note that this applies only to the resolution of the displayed imagery. Momento360 processes uploaded imagery to be able to serve it in different contexts in a performance-sensitive manner. 

Maximum input resolution can be much higher (currently up to 1.5 gigapixels), though it will get processed down to 8K and 4K sizes for display. In cases where the image resolution is lower than the max resolution we display the resolution of the original image. 

Setting Image Resolution in the Momento360 Application (Plus and Professional Only)

You can set the quality of the resolution that is served while browsing your own 360s in Momento360 under your Account Preferences page:

  1. Go to Account >  Default Image Resolution
  2. Set the dropdown to the appropriate value. You may need to reload the page if the proper imagery does not load.

This setting controls the maximum displayed resolution of the images in the web application, not the imagery served in your embeds (for that, see below). For users on small screens, slow bandwidth connections, or lower-powered devices it may be preferable to select a lower resolution as it will result in a faster experience.

If the source imagery is of lower resolution than the maximum the source resolution will be used.

Setting Image Resolution for Embeds/Shares (Plus and Professional only)

Image resolution for embeds can be set in the dropdown, and it will append the appropriate parameter. Current options are 4K (4096 x 2048) and 8K (8192 x 4096)

If the parameter is missing, the embed will default to 4K resolution. 

You can also control the image qualtiy by appending the size parameter to the URL. Note that if you are on the Free subscription level this parameter is ignored, and the 4k resolution is served.

If the source imagery is of lower resolution than the maximum the source resolution will be used.

Why you may want to elect a lower default resolution

If you mostly view images on mobile devices and prefer smaller download sizes over image quality, you may want to elect to set your preference to 4k in order to keep your downloads smaller and performance faster. This is important to consider if you have put several embeds on a single webpage and your viewers may visiting mostly on mobile devices, or have older computing devices (larger image resolutions can negatively affect performance). 

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