How to view your 360 Photos with Google Cardboard

Momento360 supports viewing 360 photos in virtual reality mode using Google Cardboard direct from the web, on most smartphones and tablets.

Here's how:

  1. Tap/Click a photo to the detail page (pictures are from iPhone), then tap the Fullscreen icon to enter fullscreen mode:

  2. Rotate the device to landscape mode. A Cardboard/VR icon should appear on the right side:

  3. Tap the icon; the view should change to VR mode:

    Insert the phone into the viewing device to view.

  4. TO ADVANCE TO THE NEXT PICTURE: To advance to the next photo in the collection or feed, push the button on your Google Cardboard device OR tap the screen if you there isn't a button on your viewer. You will see a loading icon, then the next image should appear:

  5. TO EXIT: To exit VR mode, simply rotate your device back to portrait mode. The view should switch back out of VR mode.

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