Folders Overview

If you need to work with more than a handful of 360s at a time, considering using the Folders View under My Media. It enables organizing and taking actions on multiple 360s much easier.

Switching to Folders View

To switch to Folders view:

  1. Click on the My Media tab
  2. Click the View selector dropdown
  3. Choose the "Folders View" option

How Folders View Works 

Folders View is designed to mimic a computer filesystem: Every user has a single root folder titled "Momento360" where all your 360s are. You can then create Folders and nest them inside each other, similar to on desktop computer systems. Items can be moved into folders, folders can be moved to other folders. 

Deleting Folders (and contained items)

If you delete a Folder you will delete all its containing items as well (so any 360s contained in any folders inside the deleted folder will also be deleted).

Moving Items

You can Move items into/out of Folders with the Move command. It moves all contained items as well.

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