Exporting Annotations

You can export and download all the annotations in either a single 360 or a Collection of 360s as a table (CSV, HTML, XLSX) which you can save (or send). Anyone with the file can now reference the annotations in context at a click. This can be very useful for emailing a set of annotations or attaching it to a report or document. 

Exported Fields

The fields that will be exported are:

  • Thumbnail image (or URL): The thumbnail image of the annotation area. In the HTML export, the image is also linked to the annotation itself, so clicking on the image takes you directly to the annotation in context
  • Title: The title of the annotation
  • Description: Annotation text
  • Link: The Shared Link that links to that specific annotation

If there are attachments, the following fields will be appended for each attachment:

  • content_type: The type of the attachment
  • source_url: Link to the attachment
  • filename: The name of the attachment
  • text: The associated caption

Note: Exporting the list of annotations will enable a share link for the underlying 360 (this is how the links back to the annotations work). If you want to disable that link, you can do so by going into the “Share Link” dialog and disabling the link. 

Export Formats

The following formats are currently supported:

  • CSV
  • HTML
  • XLSX (Professional accounts only)
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