Password-protection FAQ

Is password protection available on all accounts?

No. Password protection is only available on Paid Accounts. See here for subscription levels and pricing. Your paid support helps us keep adding useful features to Momento360!

Can I add password protection to an existing share link?

Yes. You can set whether a link is password-protected or not in the link share dialog, at any time, and the change will take effect immediately.

Does Password protection work if I embed the link on my website?

No. Currently if you enable password protection, embedding the link in your website no longer works. If you disable password protection, the embed will begin working again.

I added password protection to an existing embed and now it no longer displays on my website. What happened?

Adding password protection will cause most web platforms to be unable to render the embed, unfortunately. If you want to embed a 360 into a website you'll need to make sure password protection is turned off.

What happens to my password protected links if I downgrade my account to the Free tier?

When your account reverts to the Free tier, any links that are password protected lose their password protection. If you reinstate your paid subscription they go right back to having password protection (with the same passwords as before). 

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