Folders FAQ

Does moving things around in Photostream View affect anything in Folders view (and vice versa)?

It shouldn't — in some cases the two views can get out of sync with each other (e.g. deleting or uploading an item in one view doesn't update in the other) but if you reload the page these should clear up.
Note that actions on 360 themsleves (e.g. renaming, deleting, etc.) are permanent.

How do I move items from one Folder to another?

In order to move items to a different folder:
  • Select the item(s) in question
  • Click the "Move" button
  • Select the destination folder from the dropdown. If you need to create a new folder, click on the "Create a New Folder" link to create it.
  • Click the "Move" button
The items will now be moved to the destination folder.

Will links to existing Collections break if I organize them in folders?

No. Nothing you do as far as organizing 360s using the Folders view will affect the share links or ordering of any existing Collections. The only action that affects existing Collections is if you Delete a 360.

What’s the difference between Folders and Collections?

Folders are for organizing; Collections are for sharing and display. Collections were designed to be like slideshows or playlists; an easy way to display or share a group of 360s, but not a way to organize. Folders work like your computer filesystem. You can create and nest folders; move 360s into and out of folders.

Folders Collections
Works Like...
Computer filesystem (Mac Finder, Windows Explorer)
Playlists on iTunes or Spotify
Designed For... Organizing your 360s
Sharing/embedding a set of 360s; Slideshows/presentations
Key Differences
Location A 360 can only be in one Folder location
A 360 can be in as many Collections as you want
Deleting Deleting a 360 in folders view deletes the file forever
Deleting a 360 from a Collection just removes it from that Collection;
does not affect the underlying 360

What happens when I Delete a folder?

Deleting a Folder deletes all the items in the folder, as well as all the items in any contained folders (just like on your computer). PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU DELETE FOLDERS, IT WILL DELETE ALL THE FOLDER’S CONTENTS. We currently have no way to undo this action for you. 

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