Organizing 360s into Folders from Collections View

Folders let you more easily organize your 360s within Momento360 in an easy way.

Some people may have been using our Collections feature to organize their 360s. To help those people, we've created a shortcut to save you some work. It's our "Move these 360s to a folder" link. 

Then navigate to the Collection you want to move the contents of, click the link, choose the folder, and you're all set.

All the 360s in a collection will be moved to the folder you specify. 

Things to note

This does NOT affect your Collections at all. No matter what Folders you move the individual 360s to, the Collection displays as is (as long as you don't delete the individual 360s).

If a 360 is in multiple Collections and you do a bunch of these move actions, the 360 will be where you last moved it. 

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