Adding 360s to a Collection from Folders View

Folders and Collections play very well with each other. Creating a Collection from Folders view is very easy. Simply select the items you want to add, click "Add to Collection" and you're done.

An even quicker way is simply to select the enclosing folder and add that to the collection; that will add all the items inside that folder to your Collection.

You can also combine items and folders together.

Including (or excluding) items inside nested folders

Depending on the way you organize items, you may want to add the contents of any nested folders (folders inside other folders) to the collection. Other times, you may not want to do this. By checking or unchecking this box you can control this behavior.

If this box is checked, all the items inside any folders will also be added to the Collection. This can be useful (or not useful) depending on how you have your folders structured.

Note that you can always go back and edit the contents of your Collection later, so even if you make a mistake you can go back and fix it (or just start over).

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