Displaying QR codes on embeds

Momento360 embeds can display a QR code overlay for to enable quick sharing of an embed with other mobile devices. This is convenient in scenarios where multiple parties need to view the same image, or if you want to view a 360 that's on your desktop on a mobile device, for instance.

To toggle a QR code, simply press the 'q' key on your keyboard. The QR code will display in an overlay on top of the embed. After you're done, tap the 'q' key again to hide it (you don't want it just sitting there all day right?).

Note: This currently only works on embeds, not on shares. You also need to be logged into a Momento360 account. If you are not logged in the 'q' key does nothing and the QR code feature will not work.

To use

Most smartphones will detect QR codes from the camera and prompt you to tap to open the code in the browser. Simply go to the system camera app and focus on the QR code, and it will prompt you to open the code in the browser. You can even try out the example in the image above!

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