Uploading Multiple Files at Once

You can upload multiple to Momento 360 and it will queue the uploads for you. Momento360 also checks for duplicates and gives you the option to either re-upload them or skip them.

Uploading Files From Folders View

  1. Navigate to the Folders view on your Momento360 app.
  2. Click the 'Upload' button. This action opens your system file selector.
  3. You can select multiple individual files by holding down the 'Ctrl' button (for Windows users) or 'Command' button (for Mac users) as you click on each file.
  4. Alternatively, you can drag a group of selected files onto the 'Upload' button.

Uploading From Photostream View

The upload process in Photostream view is the same as in Folders view:

  1. Navigate to the Photostream view on your Momento360 app.
  2. Click the 'Upload' button, then select individual files from your system file selector, or drag a group of files onto the 'Upload' button.
  3. If you wish to upload a whole folder, drag and drop it onto the 'Upload' button. Be cautious, as this will upload all items in the folder, including any items in any subfolders, just like in the Folders view.

Uploading a Folder From Your Computer to Momento360

Momento360 allows you to upload an entire folder from your filesystem via drag and drop. Here's how:

  1. Select the folder that you want to upload.
  2. Drag and drop it onto the 'Upload' button (works in both Folders and Photostream view).

Note: Momento360 goes through and queues ALL the items in that folder as well as any inside any subfolders. It does NOT create sub-folders and does not preserve any structure.

In Folders view, it will upload all of the items into the current Folder you are in.

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