Annotation Custom Data Passthrough

(Pro & Business Accounts only)

You can pass through variable values into any Annotation body with the Custom Data Passthrough feature. This allows you to create your annotations with placeholder values and set their values in the URL, for instance, if you want to tailor email addresses, referral codes, target URLs, etc. These work similarly to template variables or merge tags in email software, except the values are passed through on a per-URL basis.

Variable Names

There are three variable names available to use:

  • custom-data-1
  • custom-data-2
  • custom-data-3
Variable Name Tag
custom-data-1 {{custom-data-1}} 
custom-data-2 {{custom-data-2}}
custom-data-3 {{custom-data-3}}

Using the variables

In the body of any Annotation, any valid tag (e.g. {{custom-data-1}} ) will be substituted with the value that is passed in as a URL parameter for that share/embed link (e.g. For example, if you are posting the same virtual tour link onto several different sites, you may want to add a variable to know which site sent the user to a "learn more" form by adding a different referral code that can be passed through from each site.

For instance, let's say you needed to pass in a different email address and referral code depending on where you shared/posted an embed link. In the annotation body, put the tags where you would want the data to go:

When you save the annotation, they will display like this:

then when that annotation is viewed as an embed or share link, it will look for the parameters you set in the URL and substitute them in the appropriate place:

make sure you separate the parameters correctly.

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