How do I adjust the starting view for a 360?

The default starting view for a 360 can be changed as follows:

  1. Click/tap the Image Details button to open the Image Details panel
  2. Under "Starting View" you will see the current starting viewpoint. Click "Set Current View as Starting" button to save the current view as the new starting viewpoint. It will write the current view (including zoom level) as the new starting view. 

This will now be the default starting view when the image is opened in the Momento360 app, in a Collection or Collection embed, unless you explicitly set the view with URL parameters, as outlined below.

For Share Links/Embeds

For share links/embeds, the starting viewpoint (direction and zoom level) the window is set when you generate the share link. When you click the “Create Link” button the current camera parameters are recorded into the link (this is also what’s used to generate the preview/thumbnail image.)

If you don't like the orientation of a link you can re-set it by disabling the link, then setting the camera where you want, then clicking the "Create Link" button again. If no parameters are in the URL, the default starting view (as defined above) will be used. 

If you're comfortable with adjusting URL parameters you can take a look at the full list of available parameters (see related article)

A Note on Collection Embeds

Note that if you want to have your Collection link move the camera view to the starting view when the image changes, you need to have the reset-heading option set to true:

Without the Reset Heading parameter we do not change the camera viewpoint when loading a new image. You can also simply append &reset-heading=true to your shared collection URL.

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