How to Embed a 360 on Your Website

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You can use Momento360 to embed your 360s on your own website, if you don't mind doing a little bit of extra work. 

In order to do this, copy the share/embed link that gets generated under the "Share/Embed a Link" option in the menu; then set it as the source of an iFrame for your site.
For example: 
Here's the HTML :
<iframe height="300px" width="75%" allowfullscreen="true" src=""></iframe>
Just substitute the link you generate for the boldface link above. 
Adjust the height and width attributes to change the window size. If you want to allow people to display it fullscreen set  allowfullscreen="true" in there. 
You can try it out for yourself here:
This works for both individual 360s as well as collections, and will also allow viewers to use their Google Cardboard and WebVR viewers as well!
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