Troubleshooting Website Embed issues

Nothing's displaying on the website when I add the link, or if i send it to someone they are getting redirected to the login page. What's going on?

There are several common (and easily fixed) reasons.

1. Make sure you are pasting in the generated Share/Embed link, not the web address of the app:

If you just cut/pasted the URL from your browser and not the share/embed dialog, you will likely get a blank screen. One way to check is if your URL has /#ud/ in it — that's one surefire sign.

2. A 360 is displaying, but it's the sample image, not mine.

This is good news — it means it's displaying and you just need to swap out your URL for the sample URL in the embed field.

I'm not getting an option to generate the share link, what's happening?

There may be a couple reasons you are seeing this:

1. You have to be the image owner (or have permissions) to share or generate a share link. 

Only image owners are able to generate share links. If the image is under the "Shared with Me" section you will not be able to share it due to permissions.

2. Your browser may be blocking necessary scripts

If you are the image owner and you're getting the "You cannot share other people's 360s" pop-up, check to make sure you don't have script-blocking extensions on your browser. These can sometimes interfere with proper functioning of the Momento360 web application. 

Some newer browsers (e.g. Brave) also been reported to have issues with certain features; try using Chrome or Safari and see if that fixes it.

Still not working? Email us:

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