How to view your 360s with Samsung Gear VR

You can view your 360 media in virtual reality on your Samsung Gear VR in one of two ways:

1. Native app: Get access to our GearVR app by filling out this form requesting access. Since the app has not yet been released to the broader Oculus Store, we need to add you to the access list individually. You'll get an email confirmation from us with directions on how to find and use the app.

2. No app install required: Use the built-in Oculus Internet browser (click the "Internet" option to open the Oculus web browser), and navigate to your account on, and log in:

You'll see the normal home screen (to get to the different pages click on the "hamburger" menu in the upper left). 

Click on a photo or video  the detail page, a new "VR" button will appear on the right side. 

Clicking this button will open another window with a button saying "Enter WebVR": 

Tapping that button will put you into VR mode and presto! you'll be right in VR mode. Super cool, right? Blows us away every time. To navigate, tap on the touchpad and it should bring up a navigation reticle as well as forward/back buttons to navigate to the next photo or video in sequence. Tap once to show the photo caption and reticle; tap again to hide.  

To exit, tap the back button on the headset; then click the "Back" button on the browser window to close and return to the non-VR view. 

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